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Mark Cuban just loves bashing the Heat

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In this latest edition of ‘Heat haters', our favorite NBA owner/douche Mark Cuban went on his local Dallas airwaves and pumped his listeners full of his anti-Heat jabber. While doing an interview on ESPN Radio Dallas with hosts Ben and Skin, Cuban took advantage of the open microphone and was happy to point out all the early season flaws the Heat are dealing with.

I've got a cut of the interview for you to hear and judge for yourself, but its pretty amusing how Cuban seems almost desperate to bring down the Heat. It almost sounds like he was force-laughing as much as he could. Oh, and then of course he had to give a shout out to "his buddy" Dan Gilbert, who he only likes because of Gilbert's anti-LeBron letter last summer.

Maybe not the smartest move since players have openly said they would never want to play for an owner who could do something like Gilbert did with his letter, and another owner condoning those actions isn't that far off. For a whiny, spoiled rich man like Cuban, I think part of him is still bitter after losing to the Heat back in the 06 Finals. All the money in the world still can't buy you an NBA Championship ring...

To hear the audio, just click on the link below and the clip should begin playing inside your internet browser.

Mark Cuban laughs at Miami Heat