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ReHeat: Heat continue synergism with win over Raptors 109-100

Quick notes from the game. On ADHD steroids:
  • The microscope on Spoelstra will not fade until the team is running on all cylinders. On all the talk surrounding Pat Riley and the issues at hand: "I'd be naive if I didn't know what's going on." Coach is definitely looking uneasy:
  • With speculation running rampant on a plausible lineup change, coach Spoelstra held the suspense until the last minute when he turned in the lineup card to the scorers showing Iglauskas at center. If there was game to experiment in, a match against the injury plagued Raptors was it. Big Z does not bring the blocking ability the defensively oriented coach wants but his length contends for every rebound and his shot making ability opens up some breathing room for Lebron and Wade. It's actual 5-on-5 on offense without Joel.
  • Scorers can be very generous at times. An amusing moment in the 2nd quarter as a half court heave from Bosh directed at Eddie House was merely tipped by an unknowing Mario Chalmers who got credited for the assist. The error was corrected later on and correctly given to Chris.
  • Mario Chalmers was given 10 minutes of playing time in which he dismally bricked a three and gave up an open three to Calderon going behind the screen instead of over to bother the shooter. Mario has surely seen better days. (Anyone remember he was the starting point guard for a full season?)
  • The Raptors came into this game leading in fast break points and the Heat in the top 7 in allowing fast break points. The speed counter caused some fun track meet moments with both teams flying back and forth across the court. Raptors got 17 fast break points in and the Heat countered with 15.
  • The Heat are dead last in points in the paint per game averaging in the low 30s. Encouraging to see the Heat were able to net 40 points in the paint against the Raptors. Then again, it’s the Raptors, who average an allowance of them in the high 40s.
  • Foul trouble limited Bosh to a less than desired 22 minutes for the debut against his former employer. He was, however, increasingly aggressive in his approach to the basket. Amir Johnson isn’t the largest of foes to deter him, but it’s the combativeness that counts for now. In his short time on the floor, Chris netted 12 points on 4-of-8 shooting with 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 block. Effective but timely night.
  • The play every coach in the world has dreamt of installing in the Heat offense finally occurred. Using two of the best athletes in the world, Lebron James starts by using a screen from Ilgauskas and drives right. Simultaneously, Haslem sets a screen for Wade who begins his journey to Lebron in the opposite direction. Lebron then hands off the ball to the full-speed Flash who leaves the defense paralyzed in the cosmic moment. As a bonus, Ilgauskas positions himself in the paint to serve as a linebacker on intruders and James Jones stands comfortably in the corner as insurance. Wade ultimately finishes the play with a thunderous dunk which undermines the beauty of the basketball ballet that just occurred. (Watch as many times as you need.)
  • With all the summer commotion about every game being sold out, the American Airlines Arena was not to capacity and fans once again left countless seats empty by the end of the 4th quarter. Shame on you. Shame on us.
  • The biggest lead for the Heat stood at 18 points in the 3rd quarter but the young Raptors’ fitting velociraptor-like speed cut it to a 4 point game by the middle of the 4th. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade were ultimately too much to handle, taking turns at amazing plays and ensuring the not-as-easy-as-it-should-have-been victory. Heat 109, Raptors 100.