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ReHeat: Bosh breaks out with 35 as the Heat defeat the small Suns

For the sake of avoiding an inundation of recaps worldwide, today’s recap is brought to you by Clint Eastwood. The Good Teamwork. Harmony. Unity. Hustle. Effort. Will. All proportionately important to a victory and evident in a single defensive sequence that stands out as the blueprint for the team's long term success. Also not too shabby, Chris Bosh’s redemptive performance due in large part to his increased integration in the offensive system. Chris was the scoring leader for the Heat with a season-high 35 points in an efficient 12-of-17 shooting display and 6 rebounds to boot. The most encouraging number from his stat line is his perfect 11-for-11 free throw clinic, a testament to the purposed belligerence. Take it with a grain of salt of course. A performance like this will matter most if Bosh can repeat this level against elite teams and not against the team known for the lack of defense and the missing 7 footer in the middle. The Bad Chris Bosh on coach Spoelstra saying the last 3 days were like training camp: "We got back to getting after it again. I guess he felt he was loosening up just a little bit too much. He knows he needs to meet us halfway. He wants to work, we want to chill. We’re going to have to work in order to get everything down. To get the timing down, to get our chemistry down" Chris Bosh wants to "chill". We’ll assume he doesn’t desire to be cold, obvious in his move to the sunny beaches of Florida. Does he want to repose? Is his intention in Miami to relax, have fun with his friends and hope for a championship to fall on his lap? Most concerning is the use of the pronoun we, as in himself and others. If he is using the term literally, this desire to "chill" has been voiced by other members of the team. I thought Allen Iverson was playing overseas. Of course, we might be reading too much into an improv reply to the common tactic of begging the question by the interviewers. Chris Bosh is playful by nature and his reply could be an inside joke or a slight dig at the exhausting practices the Heat organization (Pat Riley inspired) has been known for. Regardless, the criticism for Bosh’s composition as a competitor will get put on the limelight again and his answer should not be verbose but solely with performances like these: The Ugly If you ever to make it to the list of trending topics on Twitter, you’ve pretty much made it in this world. Or something. Consider it a 15 minutes of virtual fame. Such is the honor Joel Anthony can now relish after his name began trending thanks to the nefarious sequence below. The magnitude of a nationally broadcast game and the Miami Heat spotlight has all that power. Sometimes, it's for showcasing a basketball atrocity. Stat of the Night: The last time 3 players scored 35 points within the 1st 11 games was 1997-1998 when the LA Lakers had Eddie Jones, Shaquille O’neal and Nick Van Exel.