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PreHeat: Minnesota Timberwolves (1-2) at Miami Heat (3-1)

  • The Miami Heat have found themselves re-kindling and dousing old flames early this season. So far they have encountered Jermaine O’neal in Boston (0-3 FG) and welcomed Quentin Richardson (0-5 FG) and the Magic last Friday. The exes’ empty numbers could be attributed to nerves when facing their previous team (now incredibly upgraded) and/or the Heat’s stifling defense. Likely, a combination of both extinguished the old mates.
  • WWBD? What will Beasley do? Mike has started at small forward so far this season, something the Miami Heat had previously experimented in their tenure with mixed results. If the same holds true tonight, SuperCool will have the honor of guarding Lebron James. Please have a bucket ready. James is salivating already.
  • Kevin Love is snatching a ludicrous 13 RPG in 25 MPG equating to 25% of the Wolves’ total available rebounds. At age 22, he leads the NBA in RPG/48 and has so far cemented his team as the best rebounding team in the NBA. Chris Bosh will have his hands full. Of air.
  • The young man flying everywhere is SF #4 Wesley Johson, the Timberwolves' 1st Round (4th) pick in the 2010 NBA draft. He's capable of such flights as this.
  • The Heat are continuously learning each other on offense, evidenced in their current average of 93.5 points per game (22nd of 30) while the Timberwolves are coming into tonight’s game allowing 103.7 points per game (22nd out of 30). The results to this equation might be Pi.
  • There is constant emphasis for the Heat to push ball and get easy points in transition. Easier said than done, as the Heat rank 29 of 30 in pace with 89.2 (due to low average and likely to increase over course of the season). The Timberwolves pace so far? 102.9, good enough for 1st in the NBA. Gameplan? Run and stop the run.
  • Johnny Flynn (hip) and Martell Webster (back) are out with injuries for the Wolves. As everyone knows, Mike Miller is out (thumb) for the Heat.

Starting Lineups:

Heat: Carlos Arroyo, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Joel Anthony

Timberwolves: Luke Ridnour, Wayne Ellington, Michael "Supercool" Beasley, Kevin Love, Darko Milicic