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Game #14: Indiana Pacers (5-6) @ Miami Heat (8-5)

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I think this sums up how we all felt while watching Saturday nights game.
I think this sums up how we all felt while watching Saturday nights game.

After their buzzer-beating loss to the Grizzlies on Saturday night, the Heat will get right back at it tonight against the Indiana Pacers.  Miami is as banged up as they have been all season, with injuries to Udonis Haslem and Dwyane Wade popping up over the past few days.  It's fairly possible that Wade will be in the lineup tonight but the same cannot be said for Udonis. 

He injured his foot during Saturday's loss to Memphis on a play where it looked like he was stepped on by forward Zach Randolph, but from the replays I saw it was difficult to tell where the injury took place.  Regardless, at this point it seems the Heat will be without U-D for at least a few weeks, making the initial reports from his teammates after the game fairly accurate.

An unofficial report came from LeBron James, who said that Haslem "dislocated his second toe and he tore a few ligaments in his foot somewhere".  He wasn't that far off, as an MRI on Sunday showed that Udonis did indeed have a torn ligament in his foot.  He's scheduled to see a specialist on Monday when we'll get a better idea of how long he'll be out. 

The likely replacement for Udonis is Juwan Howard as the primary backup for Chris Bosh.  I doubt that Howard is going to be given a ton of minutes, which means that we could see a second chance for Joel Anthony instead of the double power forward set that Erik Spoelstra likes to use. 


  • Dwyane Wade also underwent an MRI on Sunday, which confirmed the left wrist sprain initially reported.  He is still considered day-to-day. 
  • After starting the season 4-1, the Heat has gone 4-4 in their last 8 games.
  • Miami went 4-0 against the Pacers last season, their first season sweep of Indiana in franchise history. 
  • For the Heat, Mike Miller (thumb) and Udonis Haslem (foot) are out while Dwyane Wade (wrist) is questionable. 
  • Darren Collison (ankle) is questionable for Indiana.

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