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ReHeat: Miami Heat drop third straight, lose to Orlando Magic 104-95

  • The reality of adding three max contracts was that depth on this roster would be an issue. Now with the loss of their fourth and fifth players who were signed above the vet's minimum it has become disastrous. When one of those players with a max contract is playing through one of his worse stretches in recent memory, it's actually a miracle the Heat were in this game.
  • Too many long jumpers with too many players just standing around. How many plays are going to end like this? Are the players breaking off plays or is the coaching staff failing to implement an effective offensive system? Seems like the opposing team are always getting easy baskets and the Heat have to work extra hard for every basket. Shouldn't this be the other way around?
  • The only two games where the Heat attempted more field goals closer to the basket than 16-23 feet away was the first two games. Since then, every game has featured more field goal attempts from that distance than any other area of the court. Most games the ratio of long jumpers compared to short or midrange jumpers is not even close.
  • Once again the Heat get torched by a quick point guard. Jameer Nelson was the beneficiary this time with 14 assists and 17 points. Wouldn't these games have been perfect for a specialist like Patrick Beverley to be thrown in? Instead we're treated to the occasional random cameo from Mario Chalmers.
  • Brandon Bass was awesome in the first half with 16 points. Then he disappeared in the second half with only 2 points. But JJ Redick, Nelson and Dwight Howard were enough to hold off the Heat late.
  • Dwyane Wade is most to blame for this three-game losing streak but LeBron needs to start playing like a two-time MVP should be. By putting this team on his shoulders and willing his team to victory. This isn't exactly foreign territory to him. How many times has he done it for the Cavs in his career?
  • James Jones' shooting struggles couldn't have come at a worse time. Eddie House is also struggling with his shot but at the very least he's quick and active on the defensive side. What can Jones bring to the table if his shot isn't falling? When does Mike Miller come back again?
  • Chris Bosh may well have been the Heat's best player in this game but the low rebounding numbers, especially on the offensive side, continue to worry. The hope is that Erick Dampier's bulk will create more space for Bosh to work with. Ilgauskas can only do so much and Joel Anthony accumulated 5 fouls in 11 minutes.
  • Magic fans actually had the chutzpah to jeer the referees near the end of the game after one questionable call that went against Orlando. They should have cheered for them instead. A horrendous call from Joe Crawford robbed the Heat of a critical late possession when he erroneously called LeBron for stepping out of bounds despite being directly next to the play in question. Before that, Wade had tried to avoid a tumbling Crawford by trying not to land on top of him but was instead called for a shooting foul on Redick that gift-wrapped 3 crucial points for the Magic a full month before Christmas.