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Game #16: Philadelphia 76ers (3-12) vs. Miami Heat (8-7)

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Our record is whaaaaat?
Our record is whaaaaat?

This has been a long week for the Heat, and it's only Friday.  Hopefully they all went home to their families and had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving, allowing them to clear their heads and focus on the true important things.  That way, when they get back to work this morning they can go in with a nice calm attitude and re-focus.

The team they'll look to beat in order to regain their winning ways is the Philadelphia 76ers.  Philly comes to Miami with a record of just 3-12, good for last place in the Eastern Conference.  Some may say that beating a last place team doesn't count for much, but right now the Heat need to get back moving in the right direction. 

One thing that would really help the Heat resume their winning ways is if James Jones could find his stroke again.  Miami had won three straight before losing three straight, and Jones had been shooting the ball very well all year...but in the 3-game losing streak Jones has gone ice cold. 

He's missed all 12 shots from downtown during the 3 losses but had made 6-of-15 (40%) in the three prior wins.  All but 9 of his 62 shots this season have been from downtown, where he is shooting 42.5%.  He has been the only consistent shooter for the Heat from beyond the arc, where as a team they make just 36%. 

Over their last 10 games, in which their record is 4-6, Miami has made just 30% of their 3-point attempts (53-of-173).  Good outside shooting is an element of the game that is crucial for the Heat to have success, which is why Mike Miller's injury was so costly.  James Jones' consistent success was a pleasant surprise but with him struggling, Miami has real trouble generating an outside shooting threat. 


  • Miami got their first win of the season against the Sixers back in October. 
  • The Heat has won four straight home games against Philly and five straight overall.
  • Miami is 7-1 against teams below .500 and 1-6 against teams above .500. 
  • Philadelphia is 1-8 on the road this season. 
  • The Heat have held Philly under 100 points in 8 of their last 9 meetings. 

Tipoff from the AAA is set for 7:30...Lets Go Heat!