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ReHeat: Miami continues sovereignty over Sixers with 99-90 victory

A match against the second worst team in the NBA could not have come at a more ideal time. With one loss away from the taboo .500 record, the Heat repeated their performance from earlier this season and all of last season (swept the series 4-0) to defeat the Sixers and continue their evolution. 1st Quarter Like a weave passing drill, the Heat were intent on moving the ball to avoid the cementing of the superstar isolation offense. Movement began dexterous but the results were less than desirable. Sharing overindulgence resulted in questionable last second shots and bad passes created fast break baskets for the Sixers. Nonetheless, Arroyo found himself widely open going 3-for-3, including two corner threes and the Lebron-Wade duo in contiguous attack mode as the Heat carried an 8 point lead into the 2nd quarter. 2nd Quarter The beginning of the second quarter, that which is to belong to Bosh, belonged to Bosh. A layup on an aggressive drive, a smooth hook shot and a silky jumpshot sequence continued Bosh’s unknowing pursuit of discarding the third wheel idiom. As the superfriend duo sat, what is left of the Heat bench was in tow but not of much support as James Jones and Eddie House took turns missing threes. The Heat continued their assault throughout the rest of the quarter but the Sixers recoiled with stifling defense and a 51% shooting performance led by Jodie Meeks’ perfect 4-for-4 three point sniping display. The lead was cut to 4 and the score settled at 51-47. 3rd Quarter Dominating third quarters are a thing of the past. The amount of points went to the Sixers advantage but more importantly the Heat were evenly balanced in their approach. Wade served as a distributor stacking assists (8 ast), Arroyo maintained his solid shooting on his way to tying a career high 17 points and there was even a Joel Anthony dunk sighting. Sixers cut the lead to 2, but the harmony in Miami was encouraging to see. 4th Quarter With the balance scale hovering in the middle, a high octane Heat defense and a series of Bosh jump shots got Miami on a run and put the Heat up by 10 in the first 2 minutes, causing coach Doug Collins to take a hopeful timeout. The Sixers would come back determined, but Miami had gained some fighting swagger. The rest of the way saw an energized Philly take digs at the deficit going on a 7-2 run but the Heat remained aggressive and maintained the lead with assaulting drives resulting in 8 FTs for the quarter to secure the win. Miami held on for the comfortable 99-90 victory and an important 2 games above .500. Defeating the worst team in the Eastern Conference should be a light challenge to the Heat and although it was no walk in the park, it allowed the Heat to look it’s most aligned in some time. It was nice to see against a young Sixers squad but Mark Cuban’s Mavericks will not be as accommodating. On to the next…