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ReHeat: Heat's dismal 3rd quarter lead to Mavs victory 106-95

  • The game was lost in the third quarter with the Heat missing their first 10 shots and allowing a 2-point lead to balloon to an astounding 19 point deficit. Caron Butler had 7 points in a stretch that saw the Mavs go on a 13-0 run to start the second half.
  • Despite a furious late comeback attempt that saw the lead go down to only 6 points with two minutes to go, the Heat could not make up that difference. After all that hard work to get so close to tying the game, the Heat settled for three-point shots on four consecutive possessions. Wade, LeBron and Chalmers all missed beyond the arc and let the Mavs score twice to bring the lead back up to 9. Chalmers then connected on the fourth possession with 30 seconds to go and the game lost. The team as a whole were 5-15 from the line.
  • The players held a 40 minute players-only meeting after the game. Same situation happened back in 2006 after a 36 point defeat in Dallas. The Mavs have now beat Miami 13 straight regular season games dating back to 2004. Heat are still 4-2 against the Mavs in the playoffs.
  • The Heat actually played three competent quarters against a tough team in their arena but that third quarter was indicative of so many problems the Heat currently have: static offense dominated by long jumpers, not enough size and bulk inside to stop players like Tyson Chandler to do whatever they want, and failing to contain creative, crafty playmakers like Jason Kidd and Jose Juan Barreira. They made three shots the entire quarter.
  • Making the task to steal the win even more difficult were multiple missed free throw attempts by Wade in crunch time.
  • Heat are now 0-4 on the road and 2-7 overall against teams over .500.
  • Mavs made the Heat pay inside with an astounding 48 points in the paint, nearly doubling up on the Heat.
  • Did LeBron bump Spoelstra's shoulder on purpose after a timeout was called? I doubt it personally but see for yourself...