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Video Analysis: Looking back at Pacers vs Heat

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX That’s an abundance of X and Os, commonly used to describe the intricacies of playbooks in sports, and an idiom used in writing meaning "hugs and kisses". The latter I am most fond of, especially if it were to involve Rachel McAdams or my wife if she is reading this. The former is still a constant struggle in the Heat’s offensive flow of the game. What the Indiana Pacers did to the Heat, they repeated in Los Angeles Sunday night by beating the Lakers in convincing fashion. Both wins were not an anomaly but proof that excellent ball movement, execution and team synergy can consistently contend with any team in the league. The Pacers are impressive and most inspiring by the assorted tools they have acquired for their roster and their efficiency in using them. Teams should be envious, and the Heat could learn a thing or two. Here’s a quick look at the contrasting gameplan and execution from their grunge match. Note: This is obviously the worst of the Heat versus the best from the Pacers, but the goal is not to showcase positive and negative highlights, but to shine a light on the lack of flow in both sides of the floor.