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ReHeat: Another blowout as the Heat defeat the young Wolves 129-97

The Minnesota Timberwolves came to Miami with their chests held high, radiant youth, looking to accept the challenge of facing the ravenous Heat. For twelve minutes, the fastest and youngest team in the NBA relentlessly attacked and goaded the Heat, staying within five points. In the next twelve, the energy slowly dissipated as the Wolves finished the 1st half allowing 69 points and mustering a respectable 53 points against Heat’s defensive brigade. An admirable resistance from the Minnesota youth movement. Then came the halftime elixir. The regeneration. The carnage. As it is becoming custom, the Heat entered the second half with a vengeance, outscoring the Wolves 29-17 and leaving the 4th quarter to masquerade as obligation to finish the game. Tonight’s rout included, the Heat have now outscored their opposition 142 to 78 in the third quarter. For those without quick mathematical skills or lazy to calculate, that’s a 64 point difference. The Superfriends were merry, the role players satisfied and the bench ecstatic at an opportunity for playing time in the Heat’s rout. All is well in South Beach and the team moves forward in their quest for dominance. A picture says a thousand words.

Quick Notes:
  • Ira Winderman reported Spoelstra had two pages of rules and guidelines that he wanted to bring to camp. He tossed them after the first practice. "I scrapped it all. It was ridiculous" he said. "I don’t want to handcuff ‘em". It seems the new playbook for the Heat, although on iPads, might be similar to the Bill of Rights and its first amendment. Freedom of choice.
  • The freedom playbook has been sufficient to overcome most teams for now. The Heat are currently playing like the best street ball team ever assembled. Like a basketball Sex and the City, their game is sexy, a little sassy, witty, pragmatic and all in all amazing. (Not that I would know what Sex and the City is like, but that’s what it appeals to be). Sure, there is enough talent to dominate other teams with brute greatness. But will it work on the Celtics and the Lakers? Two heavily disciplined veteran teams?
  • Mickey Arison is getting his money’s worth with James "Two Contracts" Jones. JJ went 5-for-9 from behind the line and could easily become the 3rd highest scorer thanks to the space Wade and Lebron create for him. Mike seems like a helluva guy, but he has thinks to himself: it could be him tasting the rainbows.
  • Arroyo once again with a solid performance at the point hitting his open shots, providing above average defense and knowing how to get out of the way when necessary. Encouraging to see the improvement with every game.
  • In a limited 18 minutes, Mario Chalmers netted 8 assists, second most to Lebron’s 12, and contributed 8 points while hitting 50% of his shots. It must have been the ankle huh?
  • Udonis Haslem with another double-double: 11 points, 10 rebounds, immeasurable grit.
  • The Heat out-rebounded the Wolves 47-40 and held NBA rebound leader Kevin Love to 6 boards. It’s the simple things.
  • Lebron’s 12 assists should be put up for auction at Christie’s. It’s an art, unmatched.
  • Hope all is well with Michael Beasley. Mike was holding his ground against Lebron and looked to be aggressive from the start. He suffered a bruised hip from a fall early in the 2nd quarter and left the game with the assist of his teammates.

Highlights coming soon…..