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Quotes from last night's Heat vs Wolves game

Wolves coach Kurt Rambis on Michael Beasley: "I think he's done really well. He's very enthusiastic about what we want to do here and he feels that it puts him in spots on the floor where he can be effective. He is still adjusting and learning how to do things at the small forward spot. Defensive wise, it's always going to be a challenge for him. Offense wise, he's just doing things a little differently but he is learning. I can see the growth process happening for him but he is still a ways away from being at a level where he isn't thinking about it anymore. Sometimes he tries to do too much to create things for himself. Otherwise I think he's been great. He works hard, loves to practice, loves to play and loves the group. He's a lot of fun to be around." Chris Bosh: "Usually when we come out to play other teams we know their energy is different and the crowd’s energy is different. We know we have to withstand their best basketball usually in the first quarter. Teams are going to come out and play us hard. We know we’re going to get everybody’s best so we took their best shot. We didn’t let that frustrate us. They were hitting a lot of tough shots and they were playing good basketball. We just had to stay consistent with our defense and once we started getting stops we could get out in the open court and run and just execute on offense." Dwyane Wade: "I think we understand that when bringing this team together this is what we envisioned. For the greater good of each individual and for this team it’s not about statistics. We were on our way over here I was talking to the guys and I said, ‘I had too many close games last year.’ I appreciate these. Of course, your competitive nature would love to play more but at the same time we’re getting rest and getting a chance for our bodies healthy and in the long run it’s going to be great for us so we’ll take it." Erik Spoelstra: "What I saw out of LeBron tonight was a high IQ game. He managed and dissected the game with his mind. He was baiting two guys on him, really playing it with a poised tempo. He wasn't 100% tonight but able to make plays and set up guys with wide open shots. His leg was a little sore, nothing serious. You could tell. He didn't have his normal bounce to his step. So he really controlled this game and managed it with his mind. Not just getting off the ball and finding the open shooter but he really created opportunities for wide open shots." LeBron James: "I'm just taking what the defense gives me. D-Wade carried us with the scoring load in the first half and when you have that you don't have to worry about scoring as much. I was trying to attract as much defense as possible. I know it's not one guy that can stop me from getting anywhere on the floor so when I bring two guys out, I look for my shooters and I look for guys that are open and they were able to knock them down."