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Heat's Trio combine for 76 points in victory over ailing Wizards 105-94

Very quick notes:
  • Once again as Wade goes, the team goes. After what was deemed a missed dunk that was really a clear foul that caused him wringing pain on what was thought to be his injured left wrist but then changed to his right wrist but later reported as a deadly hangnail, *catches breath* Wade was noticeably ailing, missing a dunk from under the basket and missing 6 of 7 shots in the 1st half for 4 points. His seemingly extinct mid-range game returned as a vintage Wade nailed consecutive mid-range shots to start the 3rd quarter on his way to 26 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.
  • There is the notion of the offensive power from the Big Three being so abundant that on a night in which one star underperforms, the other two can make up the slack. On nights of impeccable performance from two of the three and dysfunctional opponents, such notion might hold true but it’s clear that convincing victories will require all three to run on all cylinders. The trio combined for 76 points of the Heat’s 105, 12 of the 15 assists and all of the team’s 6 assists.
  • Swagger. The team says they’re in search of it but Chris Bosh has found his. Chris continues to slowly regain the flow to maximizing his skill set. Instead of the hesitation when receiving the rock, Chris remains aggressive driving to the basket and drawing the foul at every opportunity. His 20 point, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal performance is impressive, but most is his team high +17, proving his consistency on the floor as of late in a run of inconsistent games from the rest of the team.
  • The size is already apparent. Although he’s currently used as a third string center behind Ilgauskas and Anthony, Dampier’s contributions were obvious against the slim Wizards. His screens set a bigger walls to stop defenders in their path and his body withstood box outs and shoves under the basket. There was even sight of a Shaq-like alley-oop toss to Dampier which he successfully guided in. Big Z seems to be a solid fit to start with his ability to stretch the floor, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Dampier surpasses Anthony and Ilgauskas in the future.
  • Lebron scored a season high 20 points in the first half on his way to a 55% shooting night and a team high 30 points. Not so great, he committed 7 of the team’s 15.
  • In a sequence of dangerous but comical viral video nature, Joel Anthony was pushed by Wizards center Hilton Armstrong causing Anthony to lose his balance and land in awkward fashion. As Armstrong leaned over to help Joel, Juwan Howard pushed Armstrong in retaliation making him fly to the ground 8 feet away. Both were ejected from the game.
  • A win against an ailing and Wall-less Wizards is no reason to step off the gas. There were encouraging moments and the improvement is slow but sure. The next two games against sub .500 teams (Pistons on Wednesday, Cavaliers on Thursday) will present similar situations to prepare for the feisty Hawks on Saturday.