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Video Recap: LeBron's Magic

LeBron James had his cake and ate it too on Tuesday night, distributing the rock to get his teammates going (12 assists) and switching his gears to offense at will for an efficient 20 point (7-12 FG) outburst. All in the first three quarters as he sat the fourth out with the Heat ahead by 28. The orchestrator commonly know as LeBron James was at his best. The locomotive pace, point guard vision, laser strength, and sniping accuracy creating a Symphony of Dimes.

Something I like to call: LeBron’s Magic*

  1. Wrist flick pass across the court to Arroyo
  2. Milicic caught staring in the paint. Bosh.
  3. Arroyo to LeBron to Wade in transition.
  4. Now Kevin Love caught eyeing LeBron. Haslem.
  5. Milicic again. Big Z and his much needed shooting ability.
  6. Fast break gift to Chalmers for three.
  7. Inbounds play to Wade off a timeout.
  8. Drive off a screen and dish to James Jones for three.
  9. Pick and roll with Bosh, pass to an open Chalmers thanks to Big Z screen.
  10. Drive and dish to Arroyo.
  11. Pick and pop behind-the-back left handed pass to Bosh.
  12. Another great screen from Big Z for an Eddie House bomb.
*Pun intended. Video to the tune of guitar dirt crescendo by Engine Down. Blame the lack of 16:9 to NBA League Pass not showing the game in HD. Bah.