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Predicting the unpredictable Beasley contest winner

Entries for our Beasley contest came in from all around the world, as multifarious as the man himself. Some envisioned the Beasley of the future, a mature player with the ability to score at will and gobble up boards with his athletic ability. Others saw the young and inconsistent Beasley of old, haunted by foolish fouls and irresponsible turnovers. Most anticipated a game somewhere in between, but none could have forecasted the unfortunate hip injury that limited Beasley to 11 minutes on the court. Mike began the game with redemption in his eyes, forcing things a bit at times but determined to contain Lebron and remind Miami what he’s capable of. With the voodoo wrench thrown in, Beasley’s stat line reads: 11 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 0 assists, 2 fouls and 0 steals.

And the winner is……………….

Michael Paulson!! Hailing from Wisconsin, Mr. Paulson was one of 4 contestants to correctly predict the 11 points Mike acquired in his short stint and was closest in the next category with a 4 rebound prediction (2 away). The Michael Beasley Voodoo Throwback is on its way to you sir, its value insurmountable in 2048 when Mike is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Don’t judge, Kevin Garnett said it best: "Anything is possaaabuuulll!" Thanks to everyone for participating and becoming active in the HHH community. There’s more contests and other features in the works behind the curtains. It will stay sexy, we promise. Best wishes to Mike on his recovery and future with the Minnesota Timberwolves.