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South Park spoofs LeBron James Nike ad, Anthony Tolliver not involved

As a huge South Park fan (I've never missed an episode) I was more than amused and not surprised that Trey Parker and Matt Stone chimed in on the LeBron James "Rise" Nike ad last night. In the second part of a trilogy within their latest season, the episode "Misterion Rises" centers around the boys playing superheroes dealing with the aftermath of BP's reckless drilling in the Gulf Coast. The spoof comes out of nowhere and serves as the centerpiece to the episode where the main characters must decide their destiny. Much like Minnesota Timberwolves forward Anthony Tolliver's YouTube video, it's not making fun of LeBron as it is paying homage so no offense should be taken. Interesting that only several days after it has been released, the Nike ad is starting to make a definitive mark on pop culture with more spoofs surely to offer.