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Enhance Your Experience: Oh how things have changed...

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This post is sponsored by Samsung.

In this weeks edition of our Samsung sponsored post, I want to go back to the summer time and take a look at the way current information sharing tools helped Heat fans stay on top of the free agent extravaganza. Also, how we're very lucky to have these tools especially when compared to a decade ago when getting up to the minute updates weren't a possibility for the common fan.  

We all knew that it was going to be an eventful summer in the NBA, and hopefully for Heat fans.  When the season ended it was time to start paying attention to who said what, which players expressed interest in what teams...all that stuff.  Had all this gone down in the 90s instead of now, fans would have had a much harder time knowing what was going on. 

Instead, thanks to the basic things like the internet and 24-hour sports news channels, we were able to get almost immediate knowledge of every piece of information that was available.  It used to be that the reporters who were getting all this information would have to call it in to their newspaper or TV network, and then the public could be informed.  Seems almost prehistoric compared to what we have now. 

The majority of the updated information we find is on the internet, making one wonder how we ever survived without it.  The relatively new component that I think is, or already has, changed the way we get information is Twitter.  At first it seemed like nothing special, when it was just thought of as ‘Facebook, but only with status updates'.

That was until athletes, beat writers, agents, etc. got on to Twitter and were able to give us literally up to the second information.  Not only that, but we're actually able to communicate right back with them, asking questions and leaving comments that are often answered, depending on the person.  It really has become an amazing way to share information. 

Even before Twitter though, thanks to places like ESPN and networks dedicated to every major sport as well as their corresponding websites, we can still get information about players, coaches and teams faster then anyone could have hoped for a decade ago.  And lucky us, we got to witness how the internet came to fruition and changed the world. 

This was all helpful to Heat fans over the summer to keep us up to date on every rumor, every person the Heat met with and pretty much every move made by Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James.  Granted, it may have added a bit of stress but the end it all worked out for us, didn't it?

Now a days all this technology is taken for granted, and rightly so, because it's the norm.  I can't even imagine what will be available to people in another 10 years.  Maybe we'll be able to watch locker room press conferences live from our phones.  Maybe players will be willing to have one-on-one video chats with lucky fans.  I can't even imagine the kind of technological advances that are in our future.