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Game #6: Miami Heat (4-1) vs. New Orleans Hornets (4-0)

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Tonight will a nice test for the Heat as they head on the road to face one of the 3 remaining unbeaten teams in the NBA, Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets.  They, like the Heat, have won 4 games in a row.  The only difference is that the Heat lost their first game of the season before starting their nice little roll. 

It will be a nice measuring stick for Miami's defense to see how good they can be against a team that can score.  The Hornets average 100.5ppg while the Heat are giving up just 84.0.  Miami has been no slouch on offense either, putting up 100.6ppg.  Still though, something I'll be paying close attention to in this one is how the Heat's D looks against this team. 

In their 4-game win streak, Miami has held their opponents to 36.8% shooting.  The scary thing is, despite averaging over 100 points and dominating on D, Miami is still finding their way.  There is a good part of Erik Spoelstra's offense that hasn't been implemented and if the defense is this good this soon, I can't imagine it not getting better with time and practice.


  • Both teams are off to their best starts in franchise history, the Heat for 5 games (done 4 times) and New Orleans for 4. 
  • Mike Miller (thumb) is out and LeBron James (leg) is fully expected to play. 
  • For New Orleans guard Marcus Thornton (Achilles) is probable. 
  • Miami has lost 5-straight games at New Orleans.  
  • They split the season series last season, each team winning at home. 

8pm tipoff from the Big Easy.  Should be a good one...