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Through the Net: Weekend Edition

Dorell Wright is enjoying a career rebirth in Golden State with a 20.5 ppg, 5.5 rbg average this season, though it's only 4 games so let's not get too carried away here either. However, as a Miami Heat fan can attest, Wright is an enigma capable of transcending his already-sizable talents in one game and just as capable of wasting those very talents and disappearing in the next game. This game of "one step forward, two steps back" frustrated the Heat coaching staff as well as the fans so it wasn't surprising he was let go this past summer in favor of a veteran team whose production is more predictable. Remember, this is a player just as capable of collecting double-digit rebounds as he is dishing out several assists with his long frame and above-average playmaking abilities. Even worse, Wright is injury prone and has failed to pack much muscle to get stronger in the 6 years he was in Miami, remaining as rail-thin as he's ever been since being drafted out of high school by Pat Riley back in 2004. Golden State is a great fit for him with their fast pace and plentiful looks at the basket. But much like another former Heat castoff Michael Beasley, I need to see at the very least a full season of continued excellence in order for me to deem that Wright "gets it". Maybe more than a season to be honest. Certainly more than 4 games. Nevertheless, I do wish him the best of luck with his new team. And for comparison's sake, he's earning pretty much the same money as Udonis Haslem is this year. Which one would you rather have on the Heat? This one is from last week but it serves to compare and contrast how much more comfortable LeBron James is with the ball with his new teammates here in Miami. Sebastian Pruiti analyzed the abundance of turnovers that LeBron committed in his first two games as a Heat player complete with video. Though James was responsible for 17 turnovers, Pruiti examines which ones truly were his fault and which were the byproduct of his lack of familiarity with his teammates, of which some of these turnovers are sometimes they're fault too. Just for good measure, James has 9 turnovers over the last three games. This article is even older (sorry) but it's a nice slideshow of Dwyane Wade's illest kicks from last season. Some nice Jordan shoes have been placed on his Royal Wadeness' feet so have a look at reminisce on the good times where you literally had no idea if the Heat had a chance to win regardless of the opponent. (If you don't mind seeing LeBron in his old Cavs jersey here's his best sneakers from 09-10.)

The Miami Heat apparently extended an invitation to presumed LeBron James and/or Heat fan Matthew Bellamy (not the brother of Bill), the perpetuator of the controversial Heat Jersey-Gate at a Cleveland Indians game, and then decided to un-invite him shortly after word got out. (The Cleveland-area blog see fit to call him a "jackass" for the crime of wearing a Heat jersey, just so you know.) Allegedly, the Heat were going to fly him out to Miami for the Saturday game against the New Jersey Nets and also to meet the team. Once Bellamy broke the news on Facebook, Heat management quickly moved to quash the trip. He probably should have kept his mouth shut about the whole trip beforehand but if he was the shy-type none of this would have happened anyway.

The Chicago Bulls are backing off on their interest in former Heat player Patrick Beverley.

After Argentine center Fabricio Oberto's unexpected and sudden retirement, the Blazers will work out former Heat players Sean Marks, Shavlik Randolph and Earl Barron (among others) to replace him. I don't know about you but if I'm taller than 6'-10" and the Blazers want me to play for them, I'd think long and hard as to whether I want to beat the "Blazer Big Man" curse before I sign on the dotted line.