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ReHeat: Heat in harmony as they defeat the Nets 101-89

[caption id="attachment_2994" align="aligncenter" width="395" caption="What can you say. Advertising works. Well played insurance firm."][/caption] If the Nets are the Yin, the Heat are the Yang. In chinese philosophy style, the Miami Heat were back to form as they eviscerated the Nets in a harmonious assault. Wade was again the scoring leader, contributing 29 points and 10 rebounds. LeBron, the designated distributor, added 23 points and 9 assists and Bosh joined in with 21 points and 5 rebounds. Tonight marked the first occasion the Big Three all got in the 20s, an unusual sighting with only so many buckets to go around for all. The trio shot 56% going 25-for-45 and accounted for 72% of the Heat’s point total. After a dreadful performance against the Hornets, the Heat were looking for psychological redemption. The young Nets proved the adequate foe for basketball restitution. Miami’s heart stopped for a second at the end of the first quarter as Derrick Favors knee dug into Wade’s thigh but ultimately nothing he couldn’t walk off. Wade was back in action, highlighted by a block on Brook Lopez and a fast break dunk from a behind-the-back pass from Lebron. Anthony Morrow led the Nets with 19 points, keeping them close and trailing only by 4 points at halftime. The second half proved to be comparable to other Heat victories. Again, the Heat commandeered the third quarter outscoring their opponent 32-17. Most remarkable was the calculated method of their return, with Bosh starting an aggressive attack, followed by Wade’s mastering of the Nets’ defense and ending with LeBron taking the reins. The highlight of the game the world has been waiting for goes to a fast break dunk right out of the Harlem Globetrotters playbook. LeBron started with a pass to a running Wade who faked a layup and instead threw the ball in the air for a thunderous catch and dunk from King James. Terrence Williams bumped Lebron at the end of the third to avoid a fast break bucket, getting a technical and fueling James who is not one to avenge vocally, but on the court. He finished the third with a fadeaway three at the buzzer to complete his reprisal. The 4th quarter served mostly as garbage time as the Heat led by 19 and the Nets making the final score look interesting ending the game 89-101. Anthony Morrow led the Nets with 25 points going 4-for-7 from three. It seems the Nets are the perfect canvas for the possible G.H.O.A.T. judging from their two matches so far. There must be something about facing what was their possible summer destination that brings the best out of the new Heat trio. The Heat have the next two days to prepare for Jerry Sloan’s Utah Jazz on Tuesday.