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Game #19: Detroit Pistons (6-12) vs. Miami Heat (10-8)

Joel Anthony has been very Jeckyll and Hyde for the Heat this season.
Joel Anthony has been very Jeckyll and Hyde for the Heat this season.

While there is a lot of attention going to Thursday night's game in Cleveland, the Heat first have a game to play in Miami.  They welcome the Detroit Pistons to South Beach tonight for another very winnable game.  It doesn't seem like it was that long ago when Heat-Pistons games were the hot topic, but both teams have since fallen from the top and right now it appears that only the Heat are back on the rise.

Detroit still has their core, with Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton and Ben Wallace remaining on the roster.  They have all seen their production drop though, as is usually the case with NBA players.  Leading the team in scoring is Rodney Stuckey, putting up 17.2 points per game.

Not that it has anything to do with tonight's game, but some good news came on Tuesday.  For the first time since his thumb injury, Mike Miller was taking jumpers with his right (shooting) hand at the AAA.  He still seems on track for a return sometime in January, though Miller is hoping to be back for the Christmas Day game in Los Angeles against the Lakers.


  • D-Wade came away with 4 steals on Monday night, the most in a game for any Heat player this season.
  • The Big 3 have combined to score at least 70 points four different times this year.
  • Big Z leads the team in shooting, hitting 56.7% of his shots.
  • Injury report remains the same for Miami: Mike Miller (thumb) and Udonis Haslem (foot) are out.
  • For Detroit, Jonas Jerebko (Achilles) and Terrico White (foot) are out.

Tipoff from the AAA will be at 7:30.