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ReHeat: Heat make it 7 in a row, beat Warriors easily 106-84

  • The Miami Heat have now moved into first place in the Southeast Division and second in the Eastern Conference with their seventh straight victory. All the winning margins have been in double digits which is a new franchise record. The Orlando Magic have now lost a season-high four in a row with their latest setback at the hands of the Utah Jazz 117-105 on Friday night. The Atlanta Hawks also lost 108-92 to the San Antonio Spurs last night.
  • Dwyane Wade looked as if he was going to have a rough night after getting elbowed inadvertently by Andris Biedrins 52 seconds into the game and needed several minutes to shake it off. Without missing a beat, Wade continued to build synergy with LeBron James with each of them also dominant while the other rested. James wasn't even needed after a dominant third quarter which ended with 3 consecutive three-pointers to keep the Warriors at bay.
  • Only 15 points from the bench and all of them courtesy of James Jones and Mario Chalmers. When LeBron and Wade are this dominant against a team like the Warriors that doesn't mean much but it would against a quality opponent.
  • The Heat's starters were a combined +108 for the game, the Warriors starters ended up with -108.
  • The new "7 seconds or less" offense is paying huge dividends for the Heat when they're playing in control and not trying to hit the home run every time. With the Heat up by 20 at 73-53 in the third, the Heat forced another turnover and ran the floor. James had Wade open to his right but hesitated at the last second and travelled while trying to pass it to an open Carlos Arroyo. The Warriors ended up going on a 9-0 run minutes later to cut it to 75-62 near the end of the quarter. That's when LeBron went crazy beyond the arc to essentially put the game away but the Warriors could just have easily made it a game entering the fourth quarter by cutting the lead to single-digits. Again, this was the Warriors missing Stephen Curry but against a tougher team this could have been the kind of catalyst needed for a huge run.
  • Dorell Wright started the game red-hot with some nice shooting beyond the arc and being very active on defense but much like his entire career in Miami it was an up-and-down game for him as he was mostly invisible in the second half.
  • The Heat now lead the league in offensive efficiency with 108.5 points scored for every 100 possessions and only trail the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic in defensive efficiency with 97.8 points allowed for every 100 possessions. That also means they lead the league in efficiency differential.
  • In what could be a troubling sight for Heat fans is one moment where Wade barely reached the rim with both hands in what should have been a thunderous dunk. The ball went in anyways but it's best to assume he's not fully-conditioned for the season instead of worrying that he's losing his athleticism with his 29th birthday on January 17th.