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Miami completes perfect road trip in drubbing of Kings

Wade's putback dunk was the exclamation point...
Wade's putback dunk was the exclamation point...

First off, it's great to be back (soft of).  I haven't made the journey all the way back home, but I'm able to get online and thankfully was able to watch the 2nd half of tonight's game on my computer.  Surprisingly, even though I didn't have Internet access, I was able to see the Jazz and Warriors games since they were broadcast on ESPN, which was pretty sweet.

I don't know if there is any team out there that is having as much fun as the Miami Heat right now.  They've won 8 straight games, all by at least ten points, which is a franchise record.  They just completed a perfect 4-0 road trip and are still getting better.  The Big 3 are getting used to playing together, which is apparent by their ballooning numbers.  Life in Heat-land is good. 

For the second straight night Miami blew the game wide open with a dominant 3rd quarter, scoring the first 8 points and going on a 17-2 run to open the 2nd half.  They will return home in sole possession of 1st place in the Southeast Division after leaving town in a tie with Atlanta for 2nd.


  • Dwyane Wade scored 36 points a night after putting up 34 in Golden State.  He's scored at least 25 points in 5-straight games. 
  • Chris Bosh recorded his 7th double double of the season with 14 points and a season-high 17 rebounds. 
  • From what I've seen, Erick Dampier has been playing some great defense off the bench.  He's got at least one blocked shot in 5-stright games and had 3 last night in Sacramento. 
  • Very quietly, Mario Chalmers' shooting has come alive.  He had just 5 triples in the first 19 games of the year, but has hit 10-of-20 from downtown in the last 6 games. 

The Heat will now return home for a pair of games against New Orleans and Cleveland.  However you want to cut it up...they have won 8 straight and 9 of 10.  Where are all the haters at now?  I'm sure they're just waiting to start squawking again at the next sign of adversity...but the rest of the league must be getting pretty scared at this point. 

I want to send out a giant THANKS to Keebler and tedhill for doing such an amazing job keeping things going here at PIM while I was gone.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the way they stepped up and did a tremendous job over here.  We're very fortunate to have such a solid community that has grown here at PIM over the last couple years. Hopefully they will continue to write at their own leisure even though I am back...but again, thanks guys!!