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iTunes offering free Pawn Stars show featuring '06 Miami Heat championship ring

The History Channel's Pawn Stars TV show has a free episode on iTunes that happens to feature a 2006 Miami Heat championship ring available at the right price from its owner, Tony, who boasts that "it's got diamonds. The workmanship on it is fantastic. It's just an awesome ring. If you put it on your finger and you go out, you're definitely going to get some hot women. Guaranteed." The show notes that it's a 10K diamond-encrusted white-gold ring. Tony claims to have bought it three years ago from a collector and that the original owner is a "trainer" who worked for the Heat. I personally find it hard to believe that it came from a member of the training staff. Many employees of the Heat franchise such as a cameraman or a receptionist received smaller rings as well. One side of the ring features the Pat Riley catchphrase "15 Strong" and the other side says "Miami Heat Family". Tony is asking $20,000, will Rick buy it? Download the episode to find out and check out some nice angles of the ring.