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ReHeat: Quick thoughts on the Heat's blowout of the Cavs 118-90

  • Much like a movie trailer for a highly anticipated blockbuster, the actual event wasn't nearly as eventful and dramatic as we had made it play out in our minds in the days leading up to the premiere.
  • The boos and insults from Cleveland were to be expected and will likely never stop for the rest of his career when he visits. Thankfully, nothing serious occurred nor where there any confrontations with fans. Apart from a quick exchange between Eddie House and Daniel Gibson the players were generally civil with each other. The double technical called for both guards were the only techs called for the game. Heck, the Washington Wizards game was more lively on the court.
  • James said this cryptically last night after the Detroit Pistons victory: ""I always try to be aggressive early. I'm starting to figure out exactly how we're playing and we're playing good basketball right now. Getting early touches -- I know that floor, I know my spots on that floor. I know exactly where I need to get to where I feel comfortable on that floor. So I'm very comfortable there." It was a vintage LeBron-Cavs performance as he hit one circus shot after another and was able to get to the basket unimpeded.
  • An important subplot is developing in which James Jones is finally regaining his shooting touch that's been missing since the beginning of the season. Jones had been shooting well as of late and broke out with 18 valuable bench points on 5-7 three point shooting. He has gone 13-23 from beyond the arc in the last five games and has even pulled down 13 rebounds in his last two games. Pray that he can hold down the forte until Mike Miller returns from injury in about a month.
  • Mario Chalmers is continuing to make the case to get the starting job soon over Carlos Arroyo. Arroyo hasn't been playing poorly, it's just that he's a better fit as a reserve while Chalmers' athleticism and length compared to Arroyo is quite noticeable when he's playing with the Big 3.
  • The Heat doesn't need James to bring up the ball up if they're playing halfcourt after the opposition has scored but he showed tonight why he should attack at full speed after a quick outlet from a defensive rebound and the opposition's defense hasn't been set yet. It certainly doesn't hurt if Wade is running the floor with him.
  • The game was over by halftime and the reality of the actual opponent at hand made for a lackluster game if you were looking for drama and fireworks. But don't understate the victory on the road in the toughest environment since the season opener in Boston. The players-only meeting thus far has yielded three straight victories for the first time this season, undoubtedly helping to forge team camaraderie (though the teams beaten leave a lot to be desired).
  • You know everything is clicking for the Heat when even Joel Anthony gets in on the scoring column.
  • With all the hype over LeBron's return, few noticed that Wade just missed a triple-double by one rebound and one assist. "We played our best, most complete game of the year," Dwyane Wade said. Bosh was cooly efficient but was a footnote tonight. His time will come when the Heat travel to Toronto.