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Heat hold off late surges by Bucks to pull out the victory

To start off I saw this win as a little of the good, and a little of the bad. Going on a road trip you want to get off on a good start and you can say the Heat did that last night. I was optimistic going into the game and from the start i felt very good about it. 

Lets start with the good. Wade played out of his mind last night with his 25 points, 14 rebounds (a career high), 5 assists, and 1 block. He said he loves coming back and playing in the Bradley Center because of his days back in Marquette. The fans always give him the love and his number in already hanging in the rafters of their house. During the first half there were some highlight dunks by LeBron, including a sick transition pass on a break from Wade. The thunderous dunk from LeBron got people in Milwaukee out of their seats with the oohs and aahs. I cant say enough with how arroyo is playing.

I know he can be a defensive liability at times but he really is connecting on his jump shot and his teammates have confidence in him. Last night he went 6-6 to a career high of 18 points. James Jones also had a nice game for a guy who wont show up on the stat sheet. Taking charges is the most under rated quality and he has really learned from Udonis on how to do this. With UD out Jones has taken it under his responsability to shift into the right spots and drawing that offensive foul. The last point i want to hit is something we talked about in last nights thread and that is Chris Bosh's ability to pump fake.

Over the course of the year Bosh has been taking every 19 ft jumper that his come his way. That dosent bother me because he is so good at nailing it, but the last few games he has developed a pump fake that has every defender flying at him and he just dribbles a few feet closer for a wide open J, or a drive to the lane for a bucket or foul. That is what he needs to do all the time. GO STRONG TO THE RIM!

Now for the bad. Well, their not really bad per say, but it is something that has bothered me. Last night we turned the ball over 18 times, the most in our last 8 games. These turnovers were because of laziness and it let the Bucks walk right back into the game. first in the 2nd qtr where they tied it at 25 and then again in the 4th qtr where they brought it within 4 points. I know every home team is going to make a run at some point but we went through some spells where we couldnt buy a bucket or hold onto the ball.

Now im not going to go overboard on it because the Heat did what they were supposed to do. They slammed the door shut on a surging team and locked down for the win. Im proud of the performance the Heat put on but i would just like to see them break those spells a little earlier and not let the other team make it a game. 

All in all the game was a success. We won; had a nice contribution for many on the team, and finally a center scored a basket for the first time in 2 games! (score one for Dampier who had a put back late in the 4th qtr). Next up for the Heat they look to avenge their meltdown loss to the Jazz in Utah Wednesday night. Lets keep this road trip going strong, and LETS GO HEAT!