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Video Analysis: 15 Ways to get Jazzed

....or the many ways Deron Williams will have you for brunch. The 15 ways Miami got jazzed at home and should hope not to repeat in Utah.
1. Utah Flex Offense - Jazz continuously move, LeBron gets lazy and allows the Kirilenko jumper.
2. Been 'Round the World - Hayward has a hard time getting the ball to Millsap in the post as Haslem fronts him. Not to fret, Jefferson's been there, done that and asks for the ball at the top of the key to immediately high-low route it to Millsap for the easy bucket. Savvy.
3. Killing You Softly - Heat has all five defenders available yet D-Will threads a pass to a running Millsap for the layup.
4. Space Available - Joel Anthony fails to step out to contest the shot as Deron comes off the Jefferson screen and nails the open jump shot.
5. Assisting without the Ball - More movement, all a facade for Deron Williams to screen Bosh under the basket and leave Millsap open for the lay-in.
6. The Pick n Roll - There's not much you can do against the Deron-Millsap pick and roll other than to help and pick a different poison. Heat choose not to help at all, D-Will lasers it in for an easy Millsap dunk.
7. Front Row to the Show - D-Will draws so much attention that Lebron James is force to help on Jefferson in the middle, leaving an open lane for Kirilenko to swoop in for the alley-oop. Better defense on the pick and faster defensive rotations are needed.
8. You Are Not Alone - James and Wade are one man forces, but D-Will holds a subscription to the same club. Give him space and fail to clog the lanes and he'll pounce on the opportunity like a hungry puma.
9. Sloan Doin' Work - Set inbound play sets a screen for Miles to drive for a layup.
10. Ball is Optional - Even without the ball in his hands, you still have to guard D-Will coming off screens and nailing one in your grill. As such displayed here after solid Jazz screens and lackadaisical communication from the Heat.
11. More Sloan Doin' work - No possession is wasted, inbounding plays included. Again.
12. The Magnet - After the domination has been established, D-Will draws all eyes on him and is free to distribute at his convenience.
13. Ballin' - More D-Will coming off screens and nailing shots, this time over a slow to recover Wade.
14 & 15. The Will to Survive - Manifested in clutch, unlikely three pointers from Millsap and D-Will to be ultimately cherried by a put-back at the buzzer.