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Join me in tuning out Bill Simmons on ESPN's broadcast of Heat vs Warriors

No one loves Bill Simmons more than Bill Simmons himself but quite frankly I've personally had my fill of his opinions about LeBron James and the Miami Heat for this year and possibly beyond. That's why I urge you to tune him out for Friday's ESPN broadcast of the Miami Heat vs the Golden State Warriors at 10:30 PM. I don't hate the guy or anything. He was one of the first sports bloggers to go mainstream and legitimize it to the general public, so to speak. I've certainly enjoyed an article here and there over the years about subjects like the World Cup or his beloved Boston Celtics and Red Sox teams. But there's a certain point where I don't want to hear the same thing over and over again with this self-appointed NBA expert, who recently wrote the 700+ page (modestly-titled) [amazon-product text="The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy" type="text"]0345520106[/amazon-product]. I certainly don't want to spend another couple of hours listening to him rehash his wittiest material about how bad a sports town Miami is or how lost the Heat have looked this season. Maybe he can discuss how "joyless" the Heat might be appearing to be like he observed when they played against his Celtics and the Philadelphia Sixers. Of course, if it was his guys in green that were looking serious out on the floor then he would have wrote a few thousand words about how "championship-ready" his favorite team looked so early on in an opening season game. There wasn't one sports writer who got all of the LeBronJamesFreeAgency-Palooza so dreadfully wrong this summer and believe me there were plenty of them (except me of course). He was convinced James would sign with the Chicago Bulls and publicly laughed off Stephen A. Smith's report that James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would sign with the Heat. He also said "Wade deserved to finally be on a good team" when there were rumors he would sign with Chicago, but confusingly had a problem with the Heat for putting better teammates around him once free agency actually started. On his podcast he claimed to "love what Miami was doing" with regards to the Heat clearing up cap space to make a run at multiple max free agents but obviously only said that back when he was certain the gamble wouldn't pay off. None of this anything new. He actively rooted against the Heat during the 2006 NBA Finals and has been complaining about their championship ever since. He has a problem with every team based here for some reason. It's no surprise he'd side with the general public, look like a standup guy and condemn James for not doing what Simmons and the media thought he should have done. Never mind he was perfectly fine with former Celtic great Kevin McHale gifting Kevin Garnett over to Boston's GM and former teammate Danny Ainge, pairing KG and Ray Allen to go over to Paul Pierce's "team", a squad that was worse than the Heat were the last few years with Wade and not much else. Oh, that's right I keep forgetting: that was ok because they're older and it was a trade, not free agency. For some reason that makes a huge difference to people like Simmons. If you live in South Florida, don't forget you can watch Friday's game on the superb Sun Sports with Eric Reid, Tony Fiorentino, and Jason Jackson. Don't think that just because ESPN is carrying the game it means that Sun Sports isn't. The broadcasting trio might be biased themselves but at least they're not so damn smug about it. For everyone else, you can possibly catch the local broadcast with NBA League Pass or tune into 790 AM (on your smartphone/iPhone or on their website) and try to sync the audio with the ESPN broadcast on mute. There might be a Spanish audio track if you press the SAP button on your remote. Ironically, several years ago there may have been a need for Simmons but in 2010 there's too many other quality options out there to get better content that's more informative, humorous or actually back up what they're writing with advanced stats or other real metrics and they do it in less than 7,000 words. The Basketball Jones comes to mind, so does the TrueHoop Network and countless other sports sites and blogs. Heck, if I want to read opinions from Celtics supporters I now have Celtics Hub and Red's Army for that. So I guess I've already been tuning him out, now it's time to do it literally.