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The Houston Rockets learn you wouldn't like the Miami Heat when its angry...Heaters win, 99-66

It was like watching a lonely junkyard dog get its paws on a big meaty steak. When you see a team that's truly angry with its past performance try to atone for its transgressions in a single game, it's a beautiful sight. Players who struggled for days and days finally find their touch. Plays that were foiled time and time again work to perfection. And all the while, you get to punish someone else with your anger. It's just like big jaws filled with sharp teeth ripping into a hunk of meat: raw, unabashed and oh so satisfying. Now that I've got you good and hungry, let's go into what actually happened. It wasn't a Dwyane Wade-driven game. Which is a good thing. Wade got 17 points, 7 assists and 5 steals, which ain't too shabby, but other players got to the cup too. Five other players got into double digits, including my main man Carlos Arroyo (yes, I've adopted his cause). As for the defensive end, the number speaks for itself. 66 is the second-lowest point total the Heat have allowed this year. Interestingly, the lowest point total came in the Heat's last victory, a 92-65 win at Detroit. Just do yourself and visit's recap of the game which features their in-depth team boxscore and peruse the defensive stats. In virtually every category, the Rockets' defensive numbers were down compated to the season. When you can do that, and shoot better than you normally do, that's probably going to wind up being a win for you. So there's one game left before the critically-important-for-this-team-right-now All-Star Break, the dreaded back-to-back road game against against the dreaded Hawks. The Heat have won both games of a back-to-back only once this year, picking up a road win against the depleted Wizards before stomping the visiting Kings late last month. In fact, what they've done most is win the first game of the back-to-back then drop the second. If Miami could find a way to finally get over the hump against a good team and beat Atlanta on the road, it might really salt away some of the tension that's developed over the past week. Also, a weekend-long party in Dallas won't hurt.