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NBA All-Star Saturday: Let's go Daequan!!


It's taken a little getting used to, not having any Heat games the past few nights.  Not that I'm complaining, I'm enjoying the break as much as the players are, but it just figures that the Heat finally start winning again and then have to take a week off.   Anyhoo...tonight is the NBA All-Star Saturday, which includes the event we've all been waiting for: the 3-point shootout. 

Up until recently, this event probably was something that most Heat fans were going to avoid discussing, as our defending champ Daequan Cook has been having about as poor of a season as any other 3-point title defender.  However, the last two games before the break saw Daequan ‘break out', sort of. 

Would you call Dae Dae a walking contradiction? 

"I don't feel like I have anything to prove, but I want to prove that I deserved to be there."

Just think, if his shooting stays hot then we will have lots more quotes just like that one to look forward to!  We'll see if he can give us anything new to be excited about, but as long as his progression continues when the normal games pick back up, that's all I'm worried about.  Use this post for you comments if you happen to be watching the All-Star Saturday events.  Enjoy!