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Dwyane Wade earns MVP honors as East win in All-Star shootout

Well, that game certainly made up for an extremely sub-par All-Star Saturday.  Of course the thing that most of us will be focused on is D-Wade winning the MVP, but still...that was as good of an All-Star game as your gonna get.  13 lead changes and 12 ties in an exhibition game is nothing to scoff at.  You have to give credit to the players for allowing their competitive nature to come out in the 4th quarter, but they still made it quite obvious that nobody was interested in overtime, which would've been cool from a fans perspective. 

Leave it to Dwyane Wade to put on a hell of a show while surrounded by the NBA's best, and in front of a ridiculous crowd of 108,713 fans.  It's nice to know that I wasn't alone in my cynical thoughts that Wade would get robbed of the MVP, but thankfully the voters realized that while several players put up nice point totals (kinda hard not to with 280 points on the board), Wade had the full, well-rounded effort that the others did not. 

D-Wade was the total package, leading all scorers with 28 points on 12-of-16 shooting while adding 6 boards, 11 assists, 5 steals and 7 dunks.  He was just as active on defense as he was on offense, and was one of four players (2 on each team) to finish with a double double.  What impressed me was that Dwyane did all that while not at all looking like a ‘ball-hog', unlike several other players. 

It was interesting watching Wade and LeBron James on the floor at the same time, but I wasn't too pleased with the way the ball was distributed down the stretch.  I really got the feeling that James wanted (and got) the ball in his hands on every possession towards the end of the game.  Yes, I know that he is arguably the best player in the league, but still...

Wade missed just four shots while James missed twelve.  Wade was 2-for-2 in the 4th quarter but never got the chance to take a shot in the final 2 minutes.  LeBron was 2-for-5 in the 4th and missed the only shot he took in the last 2 minutes.  Why am I making a stink?  I think what got to me was the look on King James' face when they were handing the MVP trophy to Dwyane. 

He didn't even attempt a fake smile for his ‘teammate', but stood right behind him and scowled. just was very disappointing.  Also, if what I saw with the two of them on the floor is an indication of how the ball would be distributed if they ended up on the same team, thanks but no thanks.  Get Wade a big guy and let's be done with it. 

All in all, the game salvaged the weekend.  Probably the worst Saturday and then possibly the best and most entertaining All-Star game that I can remember.  I'm sure that when Dwyane gets back to his Heat teammates, they will be very excited for him and pumped up to get back on the floor and continue their winning streak.  That's right Heat fans, we're on a 2-game winning streak.  Don't forget that awesome win in Atlanta, cause I sure haven't!