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Dwyane Wade reminds the basketball world that he's indeed Dwyane Wade, picks up MVP and leads East to All-Star victory, 141-139

It was a great piece from Rahat Huq of Red94 that summarized the relationship most of the league has with Dwyane Wade:
Dwyane Wade shouldn’t be losing. It’s unthinkable. Where can we send him? Who can we bring to his aid?
Obviously, this blog cannot support the "Where can we send him?" approach, but the sentiment is genuine and valid. Dwyane Wade is a guy who looks like and sounds like he wants to win sooooooo bad, it hurts to watch him struggle. That's why Sunday night was so satisfying. He glided across that court, surrounded by an exorbitant amount of people in Jerry Jones' testament to his self-confidence issues. He melded with the talent around him, dishing when needed then turning into Mr. Big Shot when it mattered. When he wants to win, and he has the tools around him, he finds a way, even in a pointless exhibition. But was it really pointless for him? If you've read around certain blogs or listened to certain talk radio, there were doubts creeping in about Wade's ability. Much like two years ago: Of course, he came out and knocked the doubters back with a season unlike anyone else's in the league, including Kobe Bryant, MVP be damned. Now, one exhibition game certainly doesn't compare to one entire season. But with all the doubt, uncertainty and second-guessing about Wade's commitment to the team - and the level of commitment the team should have to Wade - it's good to have a little reminder that, yes, Dwyane Wade is still Dwyane Wade, and yes, he does stack up with anyone else in the league.