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Through the Net: February 16, 2010

What better way to start off the second half of the season than what's going on through the net? – Sources: Heat chasing Stoudemire: Marc Stein says trade anchors aweigh, as the Heat are in hot pursuit of Amar'e Stoudemire. I could say a lot of things about the Amar'e ideas, but I'll just offer one word: meh. Yahoo! Sports - Heat's Beasley not getting moved: Please don't trade Beasley Pat Riley. Unless you can guaran-damn-tee you can get both LeBron and Chris Bosh, don't do it. He's going to be good. Let him develop defensively. There, I did it. I saved Michael Beasley! Sun-Sentinel - Spoelstra wants Wade to help dissipate Heat's mediocrity: Ira always has good stuff, but this headline might be the most bland and obvious web headline OF ALL TIME. It's a failure on the copy editor's fault, not Ira, but I'd see to it that it was a bit more descriptive. Basically, you're trying to draw eyes with the headline: "Coach wants best player to make team better." Reeeeeeallly? Also, there's some good info on my buddy Mario "Super Nintendo" Chalmers in there. In short: he's healing.