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Why no move was the right move for Pat Riley and the Miami Heat

No matter the sport, I always love the trade deadline. There's nothing better at whipping more fanbases into a frenzy than constant speculation about the addition and subtraction of players. Everyone wants the world without giving up a dime, and if their team president/general manager doesn't make the move they're asking for, then that person should be fired and strung up in the town square. So now - and here's a sentence I never thought I would write - here's why Pat Riley should not be strung up in the town square. The idea of adding an Amar'e Stoudemire or a Carlos Boozer is great. Every team wants to improve, and the addition of one of those players to the Miami Heat will certainly improve the team. But the thing that I can't understand is why everyone is so damn antsy and so eager to blow through all the cap space that's been built up for three years now. I guess I do understand it somewhat. It's the inherent cautious nature of people. Why risk it a few months down the road for the big play when you have something staring you in the face right now? Well, call me a riverboat gambler, but I've waited this long, and gosh darn it, I want to see what's going to happen. Now, there are those of you who say, "But Matt, Dwyane Wade will surely leave without an immediate improvement to the team!" And I call shenanigans. Dwyane Wade's here. He must be kept up-to-date on the goings on with the franchise from Pat Riley. He must understand what this process is. And trading for Amar'e, while an improvement, is not the result of the process that Wade or Riley wants. They don't want to just get better. They don't want to pick up a piece. They want to win another ring. And picking up just Amar'e or just Carlos, all the while surrendering Michael Beasley or good draft picks, doesn't put you in a place to win. It makes you something along the lines of Atlanta; just good enough to be not good enough. And if I recall correctly, the Heat have a slogan dealing with that mentality. And while I understand if Dwyane Wade has some frustration with the process, he must also understand that this whole waiting game is for the chance to get him a team unlike anything we've ever seen in the NBA. That's got to count for something. This summer - when Amar'e can be had for a contract only and a bunch of other really good guys are available too - is when we'll see whether the Heat can be made into a championship contender. In an ADD age when everyone wants instant results, I'm excited to see this team back away from that and commit to potential bigger gains a little bit down the road. Plus, let me say it again, this season is pointless. It sucks, but barring divine intervention, Miami has no shot at winning the NBA title. So, let's just sit back and relax until July, when you're frenzied reactions will be an understatement to the real action.