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Wade-less Miami Heat survive double overtime, beat Memphis Grizzlies, 100-87

Boy do I feel vindicated. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but how many of you out there were clamoring for Michael Beasley to be traded to land Amar'e, how a commitment to Beasley was foolish and Miami needed to make a move at all costs. Well look who's smelling like roses now! Now that I've totally congratulated myself and wallowed in my pointless point victory, let's get to the game. It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago, this was a team riding a five-game losing streak with fans and analysts saying it wouldn't make the playoffs, especially with a home-and-away back-to-back against Houston and Atlanta before the break, and before a four-out-of-five roadtrip to face after the All-Star weekend. It looked like curtains. Somehow, two weeks later, Mike Wallace is calling that team the hottest one in the Eastern Conference. And he's right. The Heat used effective defense and enough scoring to scrape by a team that could make the playoffs with the franchise's best player sitting on the bench. That ain't too shabby. The man of the night was the aforementioned Beasley, who set a new scoring high with 30 points. I tell you what, if you're not excited about the sophomore setting a personal best and hitting big fourth quarter-and-later shots when the pressure is on, then you ain't living my friend. I may be viewing with rose-colored glasses, but that game may have been the most important the Heat have played this season. The grueling stretch comes to an end tonight in Dallas against a reinvigorated Mavericks team. According to Ira Winderman, he said that Wade appeared to be out for this game due to his injury. If the Heat can somehow get around this game without him, it'll really send a message and set them up for a much longer run (Minnesota, Milwaukee at home up next). In the meantime, go out and buy some honey to honor Super Cool Beas. He's going to be around here for a while. UPDATE 2/20/10 12:54 P.M.: Commenter Lane points out that I need to give more love to Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem. It was foolish of me to leave out the Super Nintendo, who came up with an unorthodox point guard scoring line, pulling more rebounds than assists. However, those unorthodox numbers were big ones and he came up big when it counted. Again, it's what you want to see from your developing players. And if anyone knows me, they know the player I advocate for more than Beasley is Chalmers. And Haslem's just Haslem, man. He hits big shots and makes the team run. He's the under appreciated cog that makes the team go, and giving him due credit wouldn't seem right.