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All good things end: Dallas Mavericks end Heat streak, 97-91

The streak had to end, and if it has to, it's best to be in a good game against a good team. It was close for pretty much the whole time, but it just wasn't enough to top the Dallas Mavericks, falling 97-91. It appears I jinxed Michael Beasley, but the team overall put out a pretty good performance. When you look at the team-vs.-team statistics, the numbers were pretty even, save for foul shots attempted. You can't fault a team for struggling defensively against a retooled Dallas team that looks pretty great. Hat tip to Daequan Cook, who scored 22 points off the bench. I love the guys who get their chance and make the most of it. So the 21-game salute of death is over, and the Heaters head home for a good long stretch of home games. This is where the bread's going to get buttered for any kind of playoff run. The hard stretch is over, and the team took a licking but recovered pretty well. Buckle in for a fun couple of months.