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WANT: Miami Heat hard hat

Welcome to WANT, your Friday [Ed. note: Monday works much better for this. It's going to be Monday now] connection to stuff you’ll want to buy as a Miami Heat fan. The item selected for WANT is in no way affiliated with Hot Hot Hoops, but just an item you’ll probably find interesting. After scouring the internet, here’s what will leave you saying "WANT": Miami Heat Hard Hat Basketball is not often identified as a tough sport. Athletic? Absolutely. Skilled? Like no other. But your footballs and your hockeys typically get the "tough" tag. Well you want to do something about that? Here's your first step. A hardhat is synonymous with toughness. It's also synonymous with hard work. What message do you want to convey to your opponent? My point exactly. Here are the specs according to the website:
The Stadium Hardhat is adjustable for head sizes 6.5 to 8. and meets OSHA requirements, meets or exceeds ANSI Z89.1-1986 Class A & B standards, and ANSI Z89.1-1997 Class G & E standards. Other features are: tough lightweight protection, patented shock absorbing suspension, slotted to accept attachments, anti-glare peak.
You got OSHA and ANSI certification? You got yourself a quality hardhat, my friend. And what better way to start your week than picking up some fine-grade cranium insurance.