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Waited for that? Heat lose on two days' rest to Timberwolves, 91-88

That's a wind-out-of-your-sails kind of game. That's a kick-to-the-gut kind of game. That just stunk. Sure there are good things to take away. The Heat were able to dig out of their massive hole. And then they were able to do it again. And yes, if Dwyane Wade's not sitting on the bench, that game never happens. But what's past is past, and it just stunk. Dorell Wright didn't stink. Jonny Flynn definitely didn't stink. It was a pretty forgetable game, and that's probably the best for everyone. Get yourself a drink, curl up on the couch and just wait until Saturday. Work? Forget about it. Prior commitments? Blow them off. A win against Milwaukee (which, after the duel drubbings a few weeks ago, is now a game of pride) will fix a lot. Wade's return will fix a lot more. My dismissal of the regular season continues unabated, despite the playoffs quickly approaching. Denial? Perhaps.