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Through the Net: February 25, 2010 - Riley talked to Wade about trades - This is here half to approve of Pat Riley's public stance of consultation with Dwyane Wade (contrary to what you may take from my writing, I don't believe in Riley's omnipotance, I just feel like he's doing the right thing) and half to make you aware of Pro Basketball Talk, an excellent blog from NBC Sports featuring former TrueHooper Kurt Helin. Bookmark it. It's good. - Blueprint for an NBA dynasty - Look everybody! It's a member of the media pulling a muscle trying to reach and find a way to make the Knicks important! For the 1,504,302th time! I'll have an additional comment at a later time, but it's unbelievable how many calories are spent by members of the media trying to resurrect a team that has fewer NBA championships than the Warriors just because a bunch of people with a bunch of TV's happen to live around the arena. This isn't a slam on Wojciechowski at all; at least he bothers to mention the other teams that could also conceivably implement his plan (like the Miami Heat). But gosh almighty, the Knicks stink. They've always stunk, except for four years in the 1970s before the NBA Finals was a live televised event. So can we dial it down a bit? Sorry, Knickerblogger. South Florida Sun-Sentinel - Spoelstra splices scouting videos "ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3" - Ira got jokes? Oh, you better believe Ira got jokes. First lesson is Michael Beasley can't take a joke. Second, Tito is such a lazy funny Jackson to pull out. Everyone goes Tito, Charles. How's about a Marlon? Mix it up. Finally, good job by Erik Spoelstra to make fun of it and use it instead of coddling Beasley's hurt feelings. I defend Beasley to the death, but when the Court Jester makes fun of you, take it and enjoy it. Don't demand he be beheaded. Miami Herald - Low-cost cabins offered for post-quake housing - Alonzo Mourning is a better person than you and will continue to be so. Just your friendly reminder of that. I'm just kidding, but Zo again showing off his philanthropic muscles. This piece on a good idea heading to Haiti also serves as a reminder that you can help too. Just because time passes doesn't mean the devastation does. For more information on giving, check out my post on the matter here.