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Game Preview: Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Hello All, Today, the Heat (29-29) square off against the Bucks (29-28), the team currently half a game in front of them for the 7 seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. In related news, Carlos Arroyo will no longer be driving the team carpool. Dwyane Wade has definitely been scratched for today but may return tomorrow night against the Orlando Fightin’ Reddicks. The Heat gets back Rafer Alston for this game. PROBABLE STARTERS Heat Bucks PG Alston B. Jennings SG Cook J. Salmons (The U) SF Richardson C. Delfino PF Beasley L. Mbah a Moute C O’Neal A. Bogut STATISTICAL BREAKDWON (Stats from; 2/27/10) Effective Field Goal % The Heat is 18th in the league at 49.2%; the Bucks are 26th at 47.9%. EDGE: Heat Turnover % The Heat is 4th in the league at 13.1%; the Bucks are 7th at 13.3%. EDGE: Even Offensive Rebound % The Heat is 19th in the league at 26%; the Bucks are 17th at 26.4%. EDGE: Even Free Throw Rate The Heat is 18th in the league at 29.3%; the Bucks are 30th at 23.6%. EDGE: Heat KEY TO THE GAME The Heat need to first and foremost stop the combination of Bogut and Jennings from pick and rolling them to death. Bogut is quietly having an All Star caliber season and has torn the Heat up this season. The Heat also need a big contribution from Dorrell Wright (again) to support Michael Beasley. The Bucks can expect a big performance from John Salmons, who like so many other fine gentlemen attended the University of Miami and as a result has become maybe the finest example of what it takes to become and upstanding member of society and true team player. Every team should be so lucky as to have 12 Hurricanes in their lineup. SIDENOTE: Dan Stein’s Dream Team: PG- Lebron (duh) SG- Reddick SF- Battier PF- Boozer C- Shelden Williams 6th Man- Jack McClinton 7th Man- John Salmons 8th Man- Daniel Ewing Coach- Anyone but Frank Haith Announcer- Jay Rokeach This team might go undefeated. And it is the only chance Shelden Williams ever has of starting for an NBA team. Go Devils. Go ‘Canes. END SIDENOTE If the Heat don’t find a way to stop the Bucks big three than they will be in hot water. Wright and Beasley have both shown upside at different points this season (Wright more recently than Beasley), and now they must do it in the same game. Always guard the inbound passer.