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Road-weary Miami Heat take another tough loss, this time at Chicago Bulls, 95-91

It's time to come on home, and it's badly needed. Everyone knew this was going to be a rough road trip. After struggling for a week, this gantlet laid before the Heat, featuring teams the Heat had done a very good job of almost beating this season. Unfortunately for them, that trend continued unrelentingly. I would have bet almost all the money I had that the Heat were going to lose to the Bulls last night. After mustering everything they had to almost best the Celtics and the ensuing disappointment against the Cavaliers, the Heat are a team that are beaten down physically and mentally. They need to get off the road, and the last thing they needed to have was another trip to another city. But that's what they got, and the result was - as I said - predictable, as the Bulls won 95-91. There's normally no shame in a close road loss like that. And in a vacuum, there shouldn't be any for this particular team. But given the last two weeks, losing another squeaker like that is just demoralizing. Luol Deng and Derrick Rose got 25 and 24, respectively, while Jermaine O'Neal came out pretty strong with 24 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks on a manly kind of night. Dwyane Wade didn't lead the scoring, as he had a middling 20 points. Both sides really didn't shoot all that well but got their points. The only major statistical difference was steals, where the Bulls led 20-12. The eight-point difference created on fast-break points was more than enough to put them over the top Saturday night. So it's another game against another tough opponent Tuesday night in the Rockets. Houston's a team I fear; they're very greater-than-the-sum-of-their-parts-y. If the Heat don't win that one, it could easily be nine losses out of ten at Atlanta. Cross you fingers and pray to your respective gods if you're a fan of the Heaters; they could use a win like the mid-Atlantic could use another plow.