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Game #52: Houston Rockets (27-23) vs. Miami Heat (24-27)

They're tired.  The schedule has been absolutely treacherous.  Guys have been playing hurt.  I could go on and on with the excuses but the bottom line is that our basketball team is playing like crapola.  I'm not saying that the excuses aren't valid reasons for playing poorly; they are.  But beyond all that there are still guys that are missing shots, turning the ball times it has almost seemed like the players are embracing those excuses. 

I'm not trying to bash anyone, and I'm not going to throw out any specific names.   I would just like to hear some players taking accountability for the poor play instead of reading over and over all the reasons that the Heat have been struggling.  Instead, it's gotten to point where players are bickering, making comments to the press about each other and their coach.  For now, I'm going to leave the specifics on the shelf.   There is plenty of time to get into who said what about whom and why, but right now I'd rather keep my focus on the task at hand (getting a win) instead of the gossip garbage. 

The Heat has shown us lately that their opponent is irrelevant when it comes to the difficulty of winning.  Miami has had just as much trouble trying to beat Milwaukee as it has had against Boston or Cleveland, so I'm not overly concerning myself with who the Heat are playing.  Now that doesn't mean I'm not worried about the Rockets coming to town; it doesn't seem to matter much who the Heat are playing.  If they play well, they win.   It's just been a while since Miami has had a good game. 

The Rockets come to Miami battling for a playoff spot in the very tough Western Conference.  Its funny how Houston's record is much better then the Heat's (they would hold a 3½ game lead over Miami) and yet if you look at the standings, Miami is currently holding a playoff spot and Houston is not.


  • Tonight the Heat will play just their 2nd home game in the last 15 days. 
  • Expect the Rockets to assign defensive specialist Shane Battier to stick to Dwyane Wade like glue.  Miami is going to need someone other then D-Wade caughBeasleycaugh to step up and carry the load tonight. 
  • Houston PG Aaron Brooks has led the team in scoring 6-straight games and all signs would point to another big game for him.  It's no secret that the Heat are quite thin at the point guard position.  
  • Including tonight, there are two whole games until the Heat will join the entire NBA in taking a long weekend for the All-Star Break.  
  • Mario Chalmers will once again be out for the Heat.  Guard Kyle Lowry (ankle) is out for Houston and guard Trevor Ariza is questionable with a hip injury. 

Tipoff from the AAA is the usual 7:30 start time.  Considering that the Heat haven't been home in a while, hopefully there will be a good showing in the stands.  Lets Go Heat!!