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Why one Dwyane Wade rant does not a departure make

All right, the Heat fanbase is at DEFCON 2 right now on the verge of complete collapse. Is there a severe injury? Oh no, thank goodness. Some time of financial disaster befell the team, meaning a move this summer would be impossible? Oh, great, because that would really be awful. So what's the beef, chief?
"You have to be a person willing to do it,'' Wade said. "I'm not sure if Coach wants us to do that. You have to have confidence that guys are going to make that change on the go. ... We also have to find a way to mix it up. Stop being a team everyone knows exactly what we're going to do.'' -Dwyane Wade, Miami Herald, Feb. 8, 2009
So let me get this straight. A super-competitive player got frustrated with an unforseen losing streak and slyly criticized his coaches to the media? Why, that's ... the least surprising thing I've ever heard. You guys know that happens like once a month somewhere in sports, right? Of course you want your team to run like a well-oiled machine with nary a problem visible to the outside world. But we can't all be the San Antonio Spurs, now can we? Stuff like this happens, people. For goodness sakes, how many times has Kobe Bryant openly asked to be traded? While it's unfortunate that the losing has creeped in these last couple of weeks and Dwyane Wade certainly doesn't like it, just because he got flustered after a game and said something that he immediately corrected doesn't mean he's booking a July flight to O'Hare Airport. It means he's upset and he wants to win more. Since when is that a bad thing. But it doesn't matter what Wade says or I say or anyone else says. Because we've been on this rollercoaster since the first back-and-forth between Wade and Pat Riley last summer. We all knew this season was basically for naught. We all knew nothing of substance would occur before July 1, 2010. And yet the Heat fan is in a year-long self-flagellation session hoping his pain will somehow encourage Wade and other free agents to come to South Florida. I'd tell you to stop, but it would do nothing. So just try to have some perspective on the whole thing. Whatever shakes out will shake out, and the Heat will wind up as not too bad of a team at the end of the whole thing. I'm betting on Wade coming back and Riley getting his second big-name guy. Why? Because when exactly has Pat Riley failed at something he really put his mind and effort towards? And you wonder why I haven't broken a sweat?