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Erik Spoelstra: Should he stay or should he go?

First off, forgive my lack of postage lately. I am again quite under the weather and sitting in front of the computer trying to type things that make sense isn't the easiest thing to do right now. Instead, why not stir up more controversy?

We've have several things to debate lately, but right now I want to look at the easier topic. It's actually quite simple. Erik Spoelstra...should he stay or should he go? Obviously Pat Riley holds him in high regard, and that is certainly worth something. But there have been a lot of people, myself included, who as the season has wore on have questioned his decision-making and roster choices.

Granted, before Wade got injured it seemed that he had found the winning rotation. Unfortunately, that only lasted a handful of games and it has yet to be seen if they will return to that with Wade being back.

Another issue is whether or not a big-name free agent will come down here without the Heat having a well-known coach. The closer we get to this most anticipated off-season, the more questions and issues pop up. After voting below, go ahead and give your reasoning. I'm very interested to see what everyone has to say, although to be honest I think this is something that the majority of us will agree on.