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WANT: Miami Heat Sports Bar Neon Light Sign

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Welcome to WANT, your Monday connection to stuff you’ll want to buy as a Miami Heat fan. The item selected for WANT is in no way affiliated with Hot Hot Hoops, but just an item you’ll probably find interesting. After scouring the internet, here’s what will leave you saying "WANT": Miami Heat Sports Bar Neon Light Sign Glowing things rock. Glowing things with the Heat logo in it are doubly rocky. That's why this sign is great. Hang it up in your rumpus room, crack open a cold one and glow in the red glory. Your friends will be jealous as their rooms of recreation are filled with boring natural light or - even worse - fluorescent light. Money-saving? Perhaps. But your greatness will be assured with your 12" x 9" tribute to your team. As of 1 a.m. this morning, there were NO bids for this eBay auction, with the price at $9.99 American. There’s just over nine hours left, so if you want the perfect accoutrement to your rec room, check it out.