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The Miami Heat turn back into a pumpkin, lose again to Charlotte, 83-78

I've previously advised to not bet on this team. Their inconsistant and baffling performances this year have become expected. It's for that reason that last night's loss against the Charlotte Bobcats might as well have been set in stone. It was the first-quarter lead. It was the second-quarter fade. It was two quarters of treading water, followed by the final death rattle. It's pretty much every loss Miami's been involved with this year. Dwyane Wade got his points. Jermaine O'Neal had a nice comeback. Beasley conributed. But it's another key loss against a team the Heat can ill afford to lost to. Meh. If you're disappointed, you really shouldn't be. This is the team you signed up for. Big ups, big downs and general confusion.