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Sixers deep-sixed: Bench keys Miami Heat win over Philadelphia, 104-91

It's hard to underplay a 38-point performance by one player. But I'm giving the game ball to the bench on this one. And one man in particular... He's calm. He's collected. He has a will to win, because his name, of course, is James Jones! Three of you might recognize that from the failed introduction of Dwyane Wade at the championship parade, but this time it's legitimate. As you may know by now, I myself am a graduate of the University of Miami. It's perhaps the only thing James Jones and I have in common. So seeing him languish toward the end of the bench has pained me this season. But then came Sunday. 17 minutes. 14 points. 57 percent shooting. Twitter fanfare. Boom baby. The ESPN recap highlights it, but after the Jermaine O'Neal ejection, it was bench contributions that took a uh-oh moment and turned it into a game-sealer. Magloire's dunk. Haslem's regular quality play. And of course, the Pride of Coral Gables, Mr. Jones. Miami's on a bit of a roll. And it's the way it should be. This is a team that should make the playoffs. A five or six seed. And based on the remainder of their schedule, that's where they should be come next month.