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Heat stop streaking: Miami falls to San Antonio Spurs, 88-76

This game reminded me a bit of Miami's last few wins. After the obvious competitiveness early, one team got a hold of the game and never relinquished. Unfortunately for you, Heat fan, Miami was on the wrong side of it, losing to San Antonio, 88-76. Miami has proved capable against the better teams in the league this season. Against San Antonio? Not so much. Certainly Tuesday night was better than the end-of-year blowout sale that happened in San Antonio in December. But not by much. Despite a bit of a slip this season, rare is the team I'd rather play less in the NBA than the Spurs. For whatever reason, I always dread seeing them on the schedule. They're getting older, but know how to play together well. Plus, I'd be willing they don't fall for the "South Beach effect" as hard as certain other teams. Manu Ginobli is good. And it's appropriate that on a night in which both teams had the "Los" working in front of their names (despite the game not being an official Hispanic Heritage Night game for some reason) that the man from Bahía Blanca, Argentina keyed the victory. 22 points and five assists is a pretty good evening. George Hill chimed in with 16 points, so he's got that going for him, which is nice. People who don't look deep into the boxscore might say Dwyane Wade had a good game. I'll say nay. Sure he got 28 points and five assists, but on 11 of 26 shooting, it's not too efficient. Udonis Haslem with 10 and 12 in 25 minutes of play is not too shabby though, good enough for his second-straight double-double. Or as I like to call it, the double-double-double.