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USA! USA! USA! Miami Heat come back, take down Toronto Raptors, 97-94

If you know me, you know I love a good USA! chant. And if there was any time to bust it out, it was after last night's comeback victory. Sure, Miami isn't the most "American" of American cities. But what's wrong with a little, old-fashioned jingoism? Hey everybody, let's go beat up Alan Thicke and J.E. Skeets! Just kidding, of course. Without starting an international incident, that game is pretty easy to break down. A team of players got out of the way and facilitated for Dwyane Wade. Just take a look at the StatSheet chartlet down below: It's dominated by Wade. Now I'm not trying to minimize the 23 points - many of them in the fourth quarter - of Udonis Haslem or the 6-for-6 from Canadian national and fantastic Jermaine O'Neal replacement Joel Anthony. But as a guy who constantly tries to credit the unheralded, this was Wade's World. I'm not one to buy into the whole "gutsy statement game" thing. But if there was one, this would be it. Down 17 in the third quarter in a game that was vitally important, this team clawed back and showed that while it might not be the best team in the world, it's playoff worthy. And Toronto, which is folding like a cheap suit (God I love my old clichés), might not be. We'll find out soon enough.