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Through the Net: March 30, 2010

Miami Herald - Miami Heat's Dorell Wright apologizes after nude photo appears on web: Long story short, Dorell Wright has not had a good month. Also, if he's trying to make the decision easier for Pat Riley to not resign him at the end of the season, he's doing a good job. I'm not one to look down at someone for innocuous transgressions and mistakes, but if only for his professional standing, he might want to straighten up and fly right. And avoid any more stories with the phrase "groupie" in it. - Miami Rotates Correctly, Gets Themselves A Stop And A Win - I admit I'm not the strongest at really breaking down a play into simple terms. That analytical part of my brain doesn't fire on all cylinders. That's why a site like NBA Playbook (part of the handy-dandy TrueHoop Network) is so useful. Sebastian Pruiti (who is surely having a good morning after his Nets avoided infamy last night) take a look at a Miami Heat fourth-quarter stop that was key in securing the Toronto win Sunday night. He takes it step-by-step, and as long as you can read and understand English while comprehending highlighted images, you'll be good to go. And that's one to grow on. Palm Beach Post - Dwyane Wade, Andy Roddick H-O-R-S-E around at Sony Ericsson Open - I love every single thing about this story, but what I love the most is the picture on the Post's story, featuring Wade going between the legs for a lay-up on a short rim while wearing a polo short and what appears to be jean shorts. I routinely bust on the jort, but if you can go between the legs, you can do whatever else you like. Meanwhile, Roddick just looks baffled. As he should be. - HEAT Sign Alade Aminu - Nothing much to say except welcome to the big show. And make sure all pictures are taken above the waist.